Our goal is making the best and unique tasting beers that have low to moderate bitterness which allows for malts and hops flavours to flourish and provide an excellent taste experience.

All our beers are made using finest, natural ingredients that we source as close to brewery possible.
We're not using any extracts or ingredients of animal origin which makes them suitable for vegans.

All our beers are bottle conditioned and there is a small amount of sediment on the bottom of each bottle. Please store bottles upright and pour slowly and gently to avoid transferring the sediment into glass.

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HellBerry a.k.a Chilli Ale, is our all-time best seller. This lovely ale pours deep red colour with distinctive head. Taste starts sweet and fruity and then is supplemented with nice and subtle heat in the finish. Finest British blueberries and raspberries will prepare your taste buds for the sublime and gentle touch of heat coming from one of the spieciest chillies in the world. The heat is not overpowering, it only supplements variety of flavours that this ale owes to combination of finest malts and hops.


Serve at around 5 degrees centigrade

This ale is 5.6% ABV, so enjoy responsibly.

Red Pilsner 2017 11 A - Copy.jpg

Red Pilsner

Our take on classical pilsner. We brew it using fine Red-X malt that gives it this nice dark red colour, then we add lots of different hops and the resulting brew tastes like honey and melon. As all our beers this beer is of low bitterness to bring up all the malty and hoppy delicious flavours.


Serve at around 5 degrees centigrade


This beer is 5.5% ABV, so enjoy responsibly.

Rye Ale 2017 11 A - Copy.jpg

Rye Ale

Pale in colour with very distinctive taste of toasted bread. Very smooth to drink on any occasion.


Serve at around 5 degrees centigrade


This ale is 5.5% ABV, enjoy responsibly.

X-Strong 2017 11 B.jpg

X-Strong Ale

Another unique HFB brew. It’s uniqueness is in that taste notes differ with each pint enjoyed. We would appreciate your feedback about it.

This delicious ale combines finest British, American and German ingredients. This combination gives this ale amber colour with taste notes of caramel and citrus fruits.


Serve at around 5 degrees centigrade


This ale is 7.2% ABV strong, drinks smooth, definitely enjoy responsibly.

HFB Mixed Beers in Basket 2017 11 B.jpg

Pale Ale

We agree, this one is more of a classical craft Pale Ale. However using British malts and American hops we brew this ale to adhere to our standards of high quality, low bitterness and great flavour and taste. We change hops occasionally so please check the label to find out which ones are in your glass.


Serve at around 5 degrees centigrade


This ale is 5.3% ABV, enjoy responsibly.


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